Woman Sees Homeless Man, Does Something Shocking (Photo)

A woman took to Facebook to share the story of her amazing interaction with a homeless man.

Natasha Robinson explained that as she was leaving school, she noticed a homeless man searching through the trash for food.

“I asked would he like to go in Wendy’s to eat,” Robinson wrote. “He said yes as we are walking he said, ‘Thank you Lord for sending someone.’ He told me he has not eaten since breakfast. Because the Pope was in town all the Catholic soup kitchens were closed. And he just needed enough to get him over til morning. After he ordered he said let’s take a picture on that fancy phone you have there. The world needs to see what a walking blessing looks like.”

She added: “He was so humble he was about to order from the dollar menu. I told him no don’t he dare he make sure he gets enough to be full…He said I can’t let you leave until I hug you. As he was hugging me he was praying… Little do he know I’m the one who received a blessing.”

Robinson’s post quickly went viral, with many praising her for her act of kindness toward the man.

One Mad World News reader shared her thoughts on the site’s Facebook page:

These are the type of things I love to see. Not only was she God’s gift she was also showing this country what Unity is. God’s light is for everyone and she demonstrated that to all the race baiters in our country both black and white this is what our country was based on. This young lady is a gift from God for more than this man.

She has touched the hearts of many many people. She may have even made some people ask for forgiveness for the hate they may have in their heart. I know I’ve asked for forgiveness for how much I hate race-baiting. Hate doesn’t solve anything thank you sweetheart for showing me the way back to God.

“This is what love does,” another wrote. “It doesn’t try to change things by being violent, it helps to solve the problem, not make it worse. God bless this loving woman.”

“What a wonderful woman to be so kind to this gentleman,” wrote another commenter. “Maybe those elite players in thr NFL with all their money and hate can learn what a little care and thoughtfulness and do for a person. She didn’t care what color his skin was.”