1What if your favorite apps on your phone were REAL?

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Have you guys played mobile ten-strike, Arnold said it was good! [Music](Ian) Ok Music.lyTM Might Maybe Be The Worst .. App … Ever I mean is even legal for us to watch (No) It’s a bunch of 14-year-olds trying to be sexy (Shame, Shame) I mean they’re not even actually singing[ Ian] They’re Just Lip Syncing

[ Anthony] Well Yeah It’s Presumed To Be Fake (Duh) Could you guess if it was supposed to be realistic (are you doing one of these again)( Ruffling Music Yaaaaaaaay( Kill Me )) (Gasp) Would you like to play video games with me( what is this SawTM 100) I can run, I can jump( Regrets Life) Sure( You’ll Regret This) GREAT !!! That Would Be $10 yeah, that’s a hard pass* in a( censored) Italian Accent* But It’s Me MARIO( This Again)( make it stop)( thank you)( Five Darkness At Freddy’s: Time Hop Edition) God. HEY !!!!!!!!!!( BYE !!!!!!!!!)

It’s Me Time Hop( Literally) Hey, today Is March 25th do you remember a year ago when you went to the olive garden And Kalen broke up with you right after you took this picture of food fastens( she must not like food fastens) Remember !!![ Anthony] Yes and do you remember five years ago when you took a picture of your math teach when you are accidentally called her Mama! Remember! and likewise Remember, Remember 7 years ago when you were at your talent prove and you accidentally Upchuck YOURSELF REMEMBER( 2X)[ Anthony] yes I remember please leave[ IAN] OK! See ya tomorrow.

I’m Time Hop( Now Shut the fuck up)( that was “Five Darkness At Freddy’s: Time Hop Edition)( The face of someone scarred for life)( Really !) oh hey could I only get through( NO) I need to go through here oh, hey NO !!!!!! I’M STUCK IN A BOOMERANG (Move Forward) HELP !!! (Oh I Necessitate To Get This On Snapchat) >:( Dis song is great what ees it called let me check shizaamTM it can help uh ha OK listening uh ha, right, Ok listening I’m Sorry I Didn’t Quite Catch That( there for the artist is possibly future) damn it Pals Sucks (enough with this STUPID song) girl 1 So, why can’t they speak [girl 2] Oh, they can’t talk to you unless you talk to them It’s Much Classier This September.