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FAIL: Antifa Open Up Wimpy ‘Self Defense’ Gym…

  Friday June 23 2017

The disease that calls itself Antifa is still active and picking fights they can’t win. The spirit is willing but the noodle arms are weak. Landing sissy punches isn’t easy with linguini limbs. After losing one too many fights to inanimate objects (see HILARIOUS: Antifa Mama’s Boys Fight Wooden Sign… and the Sign Wins!), Antifa wimplings have had enough. So they’re training harder than ever before…

An anti-fascist (Antifa) group has opened up their martial arts training “gym” in Chicago called “Haymaker Collective.”

A couple of months ago the Antifa affiliated group created an IndieGoGo campaign to fund their “anti-fascist, anti-racism, self-defense gym.” They raised $6,000, which was $44,000 short of their goal, but it still allowed them to get started.

Yes, this is a real thing. Not satire. You can visit their failed IndieGoGo page here.

There’s a motivational poster out there that says “Nothing is impossible. All you must to do is try.” Methinks that poster applies not to these walking smegma. Transforming those narrow chested, effeminate bodies into combat machines is too impossible a task. But thanks for playing.

By the way, I very much suspect their breaks consist of pounding Mountain Dew and Cheetos. But since said breaks weren’t caught on film, I’d have to say my favorite part was when they “did” “crunches” on the ground. Riveting.

Hilarious though it is, imagine if this group of wimps were physically capable and had functional biceps. They’re forming an Antifa training camp intended to prep members to physically fight against those who disagree with them. Even if it’s but a street sign. Such a development isn’t so surprising coming from Antifascist fairies (see BRAGGING? Antifa Website Proudly Promotes Violence Against ‘Nazi’ Trump Supporters). But imagine if a group of Trump supporters started an exclusively pro-Trump gym intended to strengthen people for rioting purposes. While this Antifa gym may be pathetic, their intention is clear: strengthen the regime. It’s militant. Of course their bodies, voices, and wrists are not.

Violence and “anti-fascism” go hand in anemic hand…