It’s that time of the month. You groan and bear it because that’s what we do every month when Auntie Red comes into town.

This post is sponsored by ElleBox. Ellebox is a magical subscription service catered to your period. They send their customers a customized care package at the same time each month! You get organic feminine hygiene products along with your choice of curated tea, chocolate, and self-care items.

I’m a  huge advocate of taking care of your body. The things that we eat, put on our skin and inside our body should be free from toxins and harmful chemicals. It’s sad that we don’t all have access to safe products. ElleBox is on a mission to provide women with 100% safe organic cotton feminine hygiene products.

Big box retailers are selling us products with alarming ingredients such as wood pulp, chlorine, pesticides and bleach. Ummmm, can we just take a second to think about that!?? It makes me so mad. I’ve been on a major health kick recently, more than normal. There is an alarming amount of people around me that have been diagnosed with Cancer or already have it and to be honest I’ve been so scared that I’ve revamped the products I use completely. Yup, down to my deodorant. I want products that are good for me inside and out so I can continue to be the healthiest version of myself possible.

In my subscription box I received this amazing daytime moisturizer. I’m all about balance lately and this is just the thing to help me kickstart my day. It smells nothing short of amazing, in keeping up with the theme of health this specific oil is meant to protect your skin from everyday toxins. It’s a nongreasy formula which is great because my face is super greasy during that time of the month… who am I kidding, all the time.

Good Face Serum

These yummy sour gummies are perfect for me. Since going on my plant based journey I can’t indulge in just any kind of chocolate and stay away from it unless a major craving sets in.

These two are my favorite I haven’t tried the dry shampoo or the mandarin tea yet but I have a feeling I’ll be utilizing everything in my subscription box pretty soon!

Ellebox has a few different subscription levels starting at just $10.00 which keeps things very affordable. I also like that you have the ability to customize your treats! You can find more information at www.elleboxco.com.

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