Cristiano Ronaldo vs Messi Lifestyle 2017 [Car, House, Love Life, etc.]

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Messi Lifestyle 2017 [Car, House, Love Life, etc.]

One of the greatest rivalries the world of football has seen is that of Cristiano and Messi. Starting from the media to the common people, everyone loves to compare the two players. And it’s not just their skills and performances that we compare. It’s more than that now.

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Messi Lifestyle 2017 [Car, House, Love Life, etc.]

It all started with the rivalry of the two arch rival teams they play for – Real Madrid and Barcelona. These two teams have had the greatest rivalry of all time, and with Ronaldo and Messi being the biggest stars of the two clubs. With every match in which they faced each other, critics began to compare the two.

As more and more time went by, the comparison went on to their individual performances in different matches. Their performances across the season started to get evaluated and compared, and eventually, so did their statistics. The number of goals they have scored in a season, the matches they have played in, their assists, wins, trophies personal awards – everything started to come under the radar.

From there, the personal income of the two players also started to get compared. And, eventually, haters and fans started to bring in their personal lives into the scenario. That is an easy thing to do these days, since it is possible to be a part of the lives of the celebrity players through social media networks.

We now know of their love lives, what cars they own, how many children they have. and we are now divided into two groups – the camp Ronaldo and camp Messi. they members of each will do anything and everything to show their loyalty and fiercely demean the other camp’s hero.

Of course, the truth is that the two players are absolutely incredible. They have their own sets of skills, their own numbers to be proud of, their own history of performances that no one can forget. Truth be told, it is not possible to determine which player is actually better. So, the hardcore fans start to compare their lifestyle, the cars that stand in their garages, and the beauty of their girlfriends and wives.

Meanwhile, the not-so-extremist fans enjoy the games of the two great players, and their frequent glimpses into their lives. For instance, we have enjoyed great performances by both the players, and are waiting to find out who will win the Ballon d’Or. They love the fact that Ronaldo has recently become the father of two beautiful boys, while Messi recently got married to his long-term girlfriend and mother of his children.

Thursday, July 6, 2017