Can’t take off for the Women’s Strike? Here are 21 ways to show your support.

1On March 8, 2017, A Day Without a Woman, a major international women’s strike can take place.

In the spirit in the highly successful Women’s March on Jan. 21, the International Women’s Strike was organized to boost awareness from the seen and unseen ways females and girls bring about the economy, all while receiving lower wages, enduring toxic and unsafe work environments, and facing discrimination.

Thousands gather at City Hall for your San Francisco Women’s March. Photo by Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images.
If you’re professionally and financially able to consider off work and step out of the house responsibilities, accomplish that.

Organizers also encourage participants to stop emotional labor and searching for one day, with exceptions for minority- and woman-owned businesses.

Of course, a lot of women, femmes, and gender-oppressed individuals don’t have the economic security for taking off from work, childcare, or home duties for any day. That’s part in the problem. Those who can strike will strike for the children.

If you’re unable to consider off work (or are searching for something to complete while on strike), allow me to share 21 actions you can take to include the Women’s Strike.